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  • F-16 fighter jets: a strategic game changer in Ukraine's air defense against Russia

    Ukraine is set to receive the long-anticipated F-16 fighter jets in the near future.

    "Primarily, the F-16 will be utilized to destroy both aerial and surface targets from a distance where the F-16 itself will not come under enemy fire. This means employing a safety buffer with long-range missile technology, both air-to-air and air-to-surface," explained military-political analyst from the "Information Resistance" group, Alexander Kovalenko, during a national news broadcast.

    Kovalenko noted …

  • Some Ukrainian F-16s to be stationed abroad to avoid Russian strikes, Air Force confirms

    According to Brigadier General Serhii Holubtsov, at least two Patriot and NASAMS batteries, along with close-range defense systems such as Gepard anti-aircraft gun systems, are needed to cover the airbases in Ukraine where the F-16s will be stationed.

    Some of the F-16 fighters that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive as part of defense aid from partners will be stored at foreign airbases. These measures are aimed at protecting the aircraft from potential Russian strikes, said the head of …

  • Netherlands grants Ukraine freedom to use provided F-16s for striking Russian territory

    The Netherlands' position stands in contrast with Belgium's policy, which prohibits Kyiv from using transferred F-16 fighter jets to strike targets on Russian territory.

    Dutch Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren has assured Kyiv that the 24 F-16 fighter jets the Netherlands intends to provide to Ukraine may be used to strike targets on Russian territory.

    Ollongren emphasized that the Netherlands will not enforce any restrictions, as seen in the case of Belgium. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander …

  • Ukrainian officer foresees intense summer combat with arrival of ATACMS missiles, F-16s, and AWACS aircraft

    A Ukrainian military officer, known by the call sign "Alex", anticipates heightened combat activity this summer due to the newly received ATACMS missiles and F-16 fighters.

    Ukrainian forces operating HIMARS missile systems have been pleasantly surprised by the large volume of ammunition delivered to Ukraine, said Lieutenant Alex on his Telegram channel.

    "Everyone in HIMARS units is just shocked by the amount of missiles that have arrived in Ukraine. They say they have never seen such a …

  • Ukrainian Forces targeting Russian radar and air defense systems in preparation for F-16s Arrival

    Ukraine aims to eliminate as many Russian defense systems as possible before the arrival of the first F-16 fighter jets.

    In recent days, Ukrainian forces have not only managed to stabilize the fronts in Donbas and north of Kharkiv but have also intensified strikes on Russia-controlled interior regions.

    Remarkably, the latest series of attacks are primarily targeted at the "eyes" of Russian military power - radar systems and associated air defense mechanisms. Since April 20, no fewer than ten …

  • Denmark greenlights use of donated F-16s for Ukrainian strikes against targets in Russia

    Denmark has become the 12th nation in the world to allow Ukraine to use its weaponry to hit targets in the territory of Russia, following a statement from Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

    "This is not a new position; it is part of the transfer. When we discussed this with our Foreign Affairs Committee in the Danish Parliament, we made it clear from the outset that this is part of self-defence, allowing strikes on military assets within the aggressor’s territory," said Rasmussen.

    When …

  • Ukrainian military completes F-16 maintenance training in Netherlands

    Ten Ukrainian military personnel have completed training in the Netherlands on maintaining F-16 fighter jets, the Dutch Ministry of Defense has announced.

    The Netherlands has agreed to provide Ukraine with no fewer than 24 F-16 fighter jets, which will also need to be maintained.

    The Ukrainian personnel have trained on servicing all crucial components necessary for the fighter pilot. This includes the helmet, oxygen systems, and onboard parachutes.

    The training program also covered the …

  • Ukrainian pilots are close to finishing F-16 training, Air Force spokesman reports

    Ukrainian pilots' preparations to operate F-16 fighter jets are ongoing, said Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Ilya Yevlash during a news broadcast.

    "We already have pilots who are finishing their training on F-16s," he stated.

    Yevlash noted that once it becomes possible, the jets will arrive in Ukraine, with pilots ready to undertake combat missions. He further added that to defend its airspace and repel enemy attacks, Ukraine requires not just a handful but dozens of such fighters. According …

  • Russia warns it will consider Ukraine's F-16 jets as nuclear threat

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has stated that Moscow will "consider" F-16 aircraft provided to Ukraine as nuclear-capable systems. The Ministry said that through this stance, Russia aims to issue a "sobering signal" to the West, which it accuses of pursuing an aggressive strategy to inflict "strategic defeat" on the Russian Federation.

    In its statement from May 6 the ministry claims, "We expect the imminent appearance of American-made multirole F-16 fighter jets in the Ukrainian theatre of …

  • Greece considers selling 32 F-16 fighters to Ukraine

    The Greek government is considering supplying Ukraine with up to 32 F-16 fighters. However, France's approval is required before proceeding, reports News Break. According to a source, Greece plans to sell 108 decommissioned fighters, including 32 F-16C/-D Block 30s, 24 Mirage 2000-5 Mk. 2s, and 33 F-4E PI2000s.

    Additionally, it is reported that in July 2022, a relevant parliamentary committee approved the sale of these fighters and associated equipment – spare parts, simulators, instruments, …