• Israel: Russia turns against Iran in Syria

    Israeli Minister of Immigration and Absorption Yoav Galant announced at the end of January that his government had achieved diplomatic success. He said that Jerusalem has a plan to squeeze the Iranian military out of Syria, and that Israel can count on Russia’s support in this.

    The Israeli minister observed that the close collaboration between Moscow and Tehran is coming to an end.

    While Russia had to fight against the Syrian anti-government formations, Moscow treated Iran and its allies from …

  • Russia falls behind Ethiopia in adult survival rate

    In Russia, the proportion of 15 year-olds who are expected to reach 60 years of age is lower than in Kazakhstan, India, Mongolia and Ethiopia, according to estimates by the World Bank. For the first time, the World Bank released a Human Capital Index (HCI) which attempts to “measure the amount of human capital that a child born today can expect to attain by age 18”.

    One of the index’s components is the adult survival rate, and for this indicator Russia ranks 122 out of 157 countries. The …

  • Media: Germany fears that Trump will allow himself to be outsmarted by Putin

    Many politicians and public figures in Germany expressed concern regarding the forthcoming meeting of the Presidents of the USA and of Russia that will take place on July 16 in Helsinki, Voice of America reports.

    German media cite Peter Beyer, the Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation at the Federal Foreign Office who spoke about NATO’s concerns regarding the agreements that can be reached in the capital of Finland by Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump. …

  • Tender worth 40 million USD or why halting the power supply from Ukraine to LPR was stalled for three years

    Author: Dmytro Snegiryov, Head of Prava Sprava public initiative.

    On 25 April, 2017, the power supply from the part of the Luhansk region controlled by the Ukrainian government to the uncontrolled part of the region was suspended.

    Electricity was halted in accordance with the demands of the Energorynok State Enterprise following "The order of the implementation of measures for partial or complete cessation of power supply through its metering points" approved by the Ministry of Energy and …

  • The decision of the authorities to terminate the power supply to the separatist-held territories of Ukraine is purely political in nature

    Author: Dmytro Snegiryov, Head of Prava Sprava public initiative.

    On the evening of April 25th, the National Power Company, Ukrenergo, halted the power supply to the Luhansk region. "Tonight the power supply to the temporarily uncontrolled territories of the Luhansk region was completely stopped," the head of the company, Vsevolod Kovalchuk, said.

    The suspension of electric service to the separatist-held territories of the Luhansk region was confirmed on Channel 5 by the head of the Luhansk …