• Italy to supply Ukraine with long-range Storm Shadow missiles ahead of NATO summit

    According to Italian media, a decision on the supply of Storm Shadow missiles is expected to be made before the NATO Washington Summit scheduled for July 9-11.

    The Italian government plans to provide Ukraine with long-range Storm Shadow missiles as part of its ninth military aid package. This was reported by the Italian newspaper Fatto Quotidiano .

    Defence Minister Guido Crosetto is set to present the list of weapons by the end of June. The package will include not only the SAMP-T air defence …

  • Putin to visit North Korea for the first time in over two decades

    Russian president Vladimir Putin will visit North Korea on June 18-19 at the invitation of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to the Kremlin’s press service.

    This will be Putin's first visit to North Korea since his first presidential term in 2000, when Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong Il, was still in power.

    Ahead of the trip, the Kremlin leader published an article on the Kremlin website, lauding North Korea for its "firm support" of Russia in its war against Ukraine and expressing …

  • Romania upgrades strategic air base for Ukrainian F-16 deployment

    On June 11, Romanian Defence Minister Angel Tîlvăr announced extensive plans to expand and modernise the Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Base near the Ukrainian border. As noted by the news outlet Army Recognition, the official reason cited for this development is the perceived threat from the east. However, in the context of the situation in Ukraine, it may involve the deployment of F-16 fighters .

    Positioned less than 200 kilometres from the Ukrainian border, the airbase has long been utilised for …

  • UN's Atomic Energy agency under scrutiny for support and training of Iranian researchers in Russia

    International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a part of the UN system, has been supporting Iranian researchers for years and sending them to Russia for training, according to the documents obtained by BILD am SONNTAG.

    According to these documents, representatives of the UN agency met with Javad Karimi-Sabet in Vienna at the beginning of 2022. Karimi-Sabet has been on the US sanctions list since 2020 and is considered one of the key figures behind Iran's nuclear bomb development. Internal email …

  • In a surprising shift, Serbia endorses pro-Ukraine declaration at Swiss summit

    Serbia not only participated in the summit but also endorsed the final declaration, a move that struck a particular nerve for Russia.

    Serbia unexpectedly dealt a blow to Russia by signing the final declaration of the peace summit held today in Switzerland, as reported by the influential Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Journalists highlighted that despite Serbia’s decades-long strong political connections with Moscow, this particular move signifies a shift as it sides with Ukraine.

    The …