• China condemns NATO allegations of support for Russia in Ukraine war

    China has sharply criticized the recent decision at the NATO summit in Washington, where Beijing was accused of assisting Russia's military campaign against Ukraine. The summit characterised China as a “decisive force” aiding Moscow’s aggressive action, according to Evropeyska Pravda.

    The Chinese Mission to the European Union called on NATO to stop escalating the so-called "China threat" and provoking confrontation. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian accused the alliance of …

  • Australian couple detained over suspected espionage linked to Russia

    Two Australian citizens of Russian descent have been detained on suspicion of espionage in favour of Russia, the Australian Federal Police reported on Friday, 12th July.

    The detainees are 40-year-old Kira Koroleva and her 62-year-old husband Igor Korolev. Koroleva worked as an information systems specialist in the Australian army, holding the rank of Private, and had access to classified information. According to the investigation, she embarked on an "undeclared trip to Russia." From there, …

  • Scholz rejects Zelensky's plea to expand Western arms use against Russia

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has rejected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's call to lift restrictions on the use of Western arms, reports Bild.

    During the NATO summit in Washington, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Western nations to remove any restrictions on the use of Western weapons against Russia.

    "If we want to win and preserve our country, all restrictions must be lifted. If Russia attacked us and killed our children, it is madness that we are not allowed to strike …

  • Baltic states to end Russian energy grid reliance by 2025

    The Baltic states are prepared to notify Russia of their complete disconnection from its energy system, with no plans to extend the existing cooperation contract.

    Countries in the Baltic region are nearing the final stages of synchronisation with the Continental European Power System. By February 2025, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are expected to join ENTSO-E. This announcement came from the energy ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, according to a statement from Lithuania's …

  • Latvian court sentences pro-Kremlin activist to three years for justifying Russian war crimes in Ukraine

    A woman in Latvia has been sentenced to three years in prison for justifying Russian war crimes, according to reports.

    The Riga City Court handed down the sentence after finding her guilty of glorifying Russian aggression.

    The woman in question is Elena Kreyle, who is described by media outlets as a pro-Kremlin activist.

    Kreyle is accused of publicly justifying Russia's war crimes in Ukraine, as well as genocide, crimes against humanity, peace crimes, and war crimes committed by the USSR in …