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  • Estonian Prime Minister proposes joint trade embargo against Russia, calls for support from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Finland

    Estonia's Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has made a proposal following a scandal surrounding her husband's business ties with Russia. She called on the neighbouring countries to introduce a unified trade embargo against Russia. According to Kallas, Finland could play a key role in this matter.

    Kallas said she had not spoken  with Finland's new Prime Minister, Petteri Orpo, yet but promised to do so.

    Estonian broadcaster ERR highlights that daily exports from Estonia to Russia include electronics, …

  • Lithuania recognizes Russian PMC Wagner as a terrorist organization

    The Seimas of Lithuania unanimously approved a resolution recognizing the Russian Wagner Group as a terrorist organization. 117 MPs voted in favor of the resolution, according to the website of the Lithuanian parliament.

    "The private military company Wagner of the Russian Federation is a terrorist organization, and its mercenaries pose a threat to the security of the state and society," the document reads.

    The Seimas strongly condemned the use of any mercenary groups, such as Wagner, created …

  • Lithuanian Foreign Minister accuses Germany of fearing consequences of a Russian defeat

    Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis indirectly accused Berlin of being afraid of putting Russia on the brink of defeat in Ukraine. "I think the most important thing we should discuss is fear,”  he said on Monday, January 23, at a meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Brussels. "We must overcome the fear of defeating Russia when it comes to additional sanctions or additional military assistance to Ukraine."

    Landsbergis stressed that the Europeans are deterred from strengthening …

  • Lithuania considers revoking citizenship for those supporting Russia

    The Seimas of Lithuania is considering the possibility of revoking citizenship for those supporting Russia, reported the Lithuanian news outlet

    "The draft bill stipulates that a citizen of another country who has received Lithuanian citizenship as an exception will get the Lithuanian passport cancelled if this person’s actions threaten the security and interests of the Lithuanian state, if this person supports a state that threatens the security of Lithuania and other countries and …

  • Russian Defense Minister’s daughter can be stripped of Lithuanian citizenship, investigation underway

    The Migration Department of Lithuania is investigating the case of dual citizenship of businessman Adolfas Kaminskas. Kaminskas is the husband of Elena Kaminskas (Shebunova), the mother of the children of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, reports the news agency LRT.

    Migration Department spokesman Rokas Pukinskas said Kaminskas had not informed the agency of dual citizenship within the six months required by law. If it turns out that he illegally retained Lithuanian citizenship after …

  • Despite Russia’s threats, Lithuania expands restrictions on goods transit to Kaliningrad

    A ban on the import of cement, alcohol, and several other goods of Russian origin into the territory of the European Union as part of the fourth package of EU sanctions came into force, reported Delfi. These restrictions also affect transit of goods to the Russian Kaliningrad region.

    The representative of the Lithuanian customs noted that imports into the EU of cement, alcohol, lumber, industrial alcohol-based chemicals, and several other Russian-made products are not allowed as part of the …

  • Lithuania says it will go ahead with transits restrictions to Kaliningrad

    Lithuania will continue to implement the terms of the EU’s 4th package of sanctions and halt the transit of other goods to Kaliningrad from July 10, when the sanctions come into force, said the Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytėfi.

    "Yes, as we are now implementing the sanctions that come into force on June 17," Šimonytė said, answering the question whether other sanctions will be implemented.

    According to her, the customers of Lithuanian Railways have already been informed about this. …

  • Russia threatens Lithuania with steps that will be 'felt by all its population'

    Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said that Moscow will respond soon to the decision of the Lithuanian authorities to impose a transport "blockade" of the Kaliningrad region and Lithuanians will feel the consequences of these measures.

    "Russia will certainly respond to such hostile actions. Relevant measures are being worked out in an interdepartmental format and will be adopted soon. Their consequences will have a serious negative impact on the population of …

  • Russia begins military exercises in Kaliningrad region

    After Lithuania’s decision to restrict transit of goods to and from Kaliningrad, Russia began military exercises in the region.

    The Russian Defense Ministry announced that, on June 20, servicemen of the Russian Baltic Fleet began exercises in the Kaliningrad region. The exercises will involve Grad and Uragan MLRS systems, large-caliber artillery systems 2S5 Giatsint-S, self-propelled howitzers Msta-S, 2S3 Akatsiya and 2S1 Gvozdika. About a thousand soldiers are involved in the drills, …

  • Lithuania restricts transit of goods from Russia to Kaliningrad region, Kremlin threatens to retaliate

    Lithuania has imposed restrictions on the transit of about half of the goods delivered by rail to the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation, said the Russian regional governor, Anton Alikhanov.

    According to him, the restrictions will affect from 40% to 50% of products delivered to or from Russia through Lithuania, in particular building materials, cement and metal.

    The representative of Lithuanian Railways Mantas Dubauskas explained that the restrictions were imposed due to the EU …