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  • NATO to appoint special representative in Kyiv, boost presence in Ukraine following Washington summit

    NATO will enhance its presence in Ukraine by appointing a special representative in Kyiv, as decided at the NATO Summit held in Washington from July 9-11, reports Evropeyska Pravda.

    The NATO representation in Ukraine will undergo a leadership change, with the new head taking on the role of a special representative of the Secretary General.

    Negotiations are ongoing regarding who will fill this position. According to sources from Evropeyska Pravda, European NATO members insist that the role …

  • US develops cost-effective long-range missile for Ukraine's defense needs

    The United States is developing a new air-launched munition specifically designed for Ukraine, according to a report from the industry publication Aviation Week Network.

    The first details about this new munition emerged in January this year, initially garnering interest from 16 defense companies. The US military invited these firms to consider developing a cost-effective, air-launched weapon with a range of 250 nautical miles (463 km) that wouldn't take long to develop.

    On June 10, the US Air …

  • Kremlin threatens European capitals in response to US missile deployment in Germany

    Russia possesses sufficient capabilities to deter the threat posed by the deployment of U.S. long-range missiles in Europe. However, in response to this, it will have to aim its missiles at European capitals, said the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov in an interview with Pavel Zarubin, host of the programme "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin" on channel "Russia 1".

    In response to Zarubin's comment that placing American missiles in Europe would force Russia to aim its missiles "in that direction," …

  • Germany crafts comprehensive troop deployment strategy in response to potential Russian aggression

    Germany is formulating a plan to deploy troops in the event of a Russian attack. Up to 800,000 military personnel and more than 200,000 units of equipment may need to be transported through Germany to Eastern Europe.

    As part of the "Operational Plan Germany" (OPLAN DEU), the Bundeswehr, in collaboration with NATO allies, is devising a scheme to move troops towards Eastern Europe should Russia launch a military attack on the Alliance, reports DW.

    According to Der Spiegel, in the event of an RF …

  • Russia bolsters arms production despite Western sanctions, raising concerns for NATO

    As NATO contemplates military support for Ukraine, one pressing issue is the Russian army's ability to rearm, reports Le Monde.

    Early in the full-scale conflict, the prevalent belief was that Russia's defence industry was weak and reliant on imports from Western nations. However, Ukraine’s allies are increasingly surprised and concerned by the Kremlin’s ability to restore its capabilities.

    US Army Europe Commander Christopher Cavoli reported that Russia aims to produce or refurbish over 1,200 …

  • China condemns NATO allegations of support for Russia in Ukraine war

    China has sharply criticized the recent decision at the NATO summit in Washington, where Beijing was accused of assisting Russia's military campaign against Ukraine. The summit characterised China as a “decisive force” aiding Moscow’s aggressive action, according to Evropeyska Pravda.

    The Chinese Mission to the European Union called on NATO to stop escalating the so-called "China threat" and provoking confrontation. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian accused the alliance of …

  • NATO to centralize military aid and training for Ukraine through new headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany

    From Friday, July 12, the supply of arms to Ukraine and the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Europe will begin to be coordinated through a new NATO headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany, as decided at the Alliance Summit in Washington, dpa reported.

    According to sources, despite the formal start, it might take several months for the Supreme Allied Commander Europe to fully operate the headquarters in a way that allows it to handle all planned tasks.

    Meanwhile, coordination will continue through …

  • Russia condemns US decision to deploy long-range missiles in Germany, warns of military response

    The Russian Foreign Ministry regards the deployment of Tomahawk cruise missiles and other long-range US weapons in Germany as a "link in the escalation chain", said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.

    "I believe this is simply a link in the escalation chain, one of the intimidation elements that today forms a major part of NATO and the US's strategy towards Russia. Our response will be calm and professional. The military, without a doubt, have already taken this message into …

  • NATO summit poised to declare Ukraine's membership path as irreversible, sending strong message to Putin

    A preliminary draft of the NATO joint communiqué, expected at the Washington summit, reportedly describes Ukraine's path to membership as "irreversible," CNN cites three informed sources.

    The extent of guarantees to be provided to Ukraine regarding its membership in NATO has emerged as a key discussion point among the 32 alliance members ahead of the summit, which commences today.

    While the text of the draft can still be modified, the presence of such a phrase would send a significant signal …

  • Finland grants US access to 15 military bases in strategic defense pact

    The Finnish Parliament has approved the defence cooperation agreement and granted the US access to 15 military sites, as reported by the state broadcaster Yle.

    The agreement pertains to the use of four airbases, a military port, and a railway in northern Finland. It also includes provisions for the storage of military equipment.

    Under the terms of the agreement, the US is allowed to deploy its military personnel and equipment at the designated locations. Finnish authorities will ensure the …