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  • Poland initiates military and security operations along Belarus border amid ongoing migration crisis

    Poland's Defence Minister, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, has announced that military operations will commence at the Belarusian border on August 1. According to the minister, these operations are aimed at safeguarding the country's borders. "There will be two operations — one for training and one for border security. The Safe Podlaskie mission will see the participation of up to 17,000 soldiers," he stated at a press conference with the Head of Poland's Ministry of Internal Affairs, Tomasz …

  • Poland weighs Ukraine’s request to intercept Russian missiles in its airspace

    Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski announced that Warsaw is considering Kyiv's proposal to shoot down Russian missiles heading towards Polish territory while they are still in Ukrainian airspace.

    Speaking in Washington on Friday, 12th July, Sikorski said that Ukraine's proposition is under review and has been included in a bilateral security agreement, reports Politico.

    "At this stage, it is an idea. Our agreement states that we will explore this idea," Sikorski noted.

    He added that …

  • Poland to train and equip thousands of volunteers for Ukrainian Legion, says Foreign Minister Sikorski

    According to Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski, a significant number of Ukrainian living in Poland are eager to assist their compatriots yet are reluctant to be deployed in combat without specialized training and equipment. Warsaw has pledged to address this concern.

    Thousands of Ukrainian citizens residing in Poland have expressed their desire to join the Ukrainian Legion, leading to ongoing recruitment for the volunteer military unit, said Radek Sikorski, Polish Minister of Foreign …

  • Belarus threatens to use tactical nuclear weapons in response to sovereignty threats

    Belarus is ready to use tactical nuclear weapons should its sovereignty or independence come under threat, said the First Deputy Defence Minister and Chief of the General Staff, Pavel Muraveiko, as cited by the state news agency BELTA.

    Muraveiko stated that Belarus has gained the expertise to handle weapons of mass destruction and would resort to their use if necessary. He noted the likelihood of deploying such weaponry, acquired from Moscow, under dire circumstances.

    "We have learned to …

  • Poland scrambles fighter jets amid Russian missile strikes on Ukraine

    Poland has once again scrambled its fighters into the air in response to a Russian attack targeting infrastructure in Ukraine, according to the Operational Command of Poland’s Armed Forces.

    "Tonight saw intense activity by the Russian Federation's long-range aviation, involving strikes using cruise missiles, Shahed-type unmanned aerial vehicles, and ballistic missiles. These were directed at, among other targets, infrastructure in western Ukraine," reads the statement.

    The Polish military …

  • Poland to train Ukrainian conscripts living in the country, announces Foreign Minister Sikorski

    Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has revealed that Warsaw has considered a request from Kyiv and decided it's best to prepare a Ukrainian unit comprised of Ukrainians currently living in Poland who are eligible for conscription into the Ukrainian armed forces. Poland plans to train a unit of Ukrainian citizens residing in the country who are subject to Ukrainian military conscription. This information was shared during Sikorski’s visit to Prague for an informal meeting with NATO …

  • Poland imposes movement restrictions on Russian diplomats amidst hybrid war concerns

    Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has announced that staff at Russian diplomatic missions will be restricted from freely moving around Poland. The announcement was made in Brussels during a meeting of EU foreign ministers, Tygodnik Solidarność reports.

    According to Sikorski, Russian embassy staff in Warsaw will need permission to leave the Mazowieckie province, where the Polish capital is located. Similarly, staff at Russian consulates in other cities will be restricted to their …

  • Poland considers intercepting Russian missiles over Ukraine

    Warsaw is deliberating the use of its air defence systems to intercept Russian missiles over Ukraine. Yet, no official decisions have been made on the matter, said Polish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Paweł Wroński.

    "This issue is being analysed from legal and technical perspectives, but no decisions have been reached yet," Wroński stated.

    Wroński mentioned that the initiative came from the Ukrainian side. Warsaw is assessing the matter with international law experts and technical specialists …

  • Poland detains nine suspected of Russian-ordered sabotage acts

    Polish authorities have detained nine individuals on suspicion of carrying out acts of sabotage on behalf of Russian intelligence services, the country's Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, announced on Tuesday, May 21. This concerns assaults, arson, and attempted arson, - he said, indicating that the individuals involved are mercenaries. According to Tusk, sometimes these individuals are from the criminal world, and this includes citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland.

    Specifically, Tusk pointed …

  • Former Commander of the Polish Ground Forces: American weapons are likely already on their way to Ukraine

    The US House of Representatives has begun the process of approving a new aid package for Ukraine, with the delivery of support already underway. Ukrinform reports, citing comments by military expert Waldemar Skrzypczak, former commander of the Polish Land Forces and former deputy minister of national defense, the first shipments of weapons are being sent to Ukraine following the House's decision.

    The expert believes that although the details of these deliveries are not known, the aid is …