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  • Poland weighs Ukraine’s request to intercept Russian missiles in its airspace

    Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski announced that Warsaw is considering Kyiv's proposal to shoot down Russian missiles heading towards Polish territory while they are still in Ukrainian airspace.

    Speaking in Washington on Friday, 12th July, Sikorski said that Ukraine's proposition is under review and has been included in a bilateral security agreement, reports Politico.

    "At this stage, it is an idea. Our agreement states that we will explore this idea," Sikorski noted.

    He added that …

  • Russia decides to boycott Paris Olympics broadcast

    For the first time in 40 years, the Olympics won’t be broadcast in Russia, as television channels have refused to air the event, reports, citing informed sources.

    "A political decision was long made that under current circumstances, airing the Olympics without the flag and anthem on 'Channel One' and 'Russia-1' is impossible," a source told the news outlet.

    According to the source, until the last moment, there was a discussion about broadcasting on the channel "Match TV," but only …

  • Mysterious deaths in Russian detention linked to Deputy Defence Minister bribery scandal

    In a Moscow detention centre cell on July 8, Igor Kotelnikov, a businessman tied to the high echelons of Russia's Ministry of Defence, passed away. The Russian Telegram channel VChK-OGPU reported the FSB had demanded Kotelnikov testify against former deputy defence minister Timur Ivanov, who was arrested in April over bribery allegations.

    According to the news outlet, Kotelnikov was known for securing lucrative contracts for the Russian Defence Ministry. FSB officials reportedly visited him …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence Chief warns of increasing threat from potential Russian Northern offensive

    The threat of a Russian offensive from the north exists, although it's not catastrophic, it cannot be overlooked, said the Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence Kyrylo Budanov in an interview with NV.

    "If I start answering this question, we might provoke panic. Let's put it this way: problems exist and are tending to worsen," said Budanov in response to a question about whether Russia's plans to mobilise another 300,000 of its citizens will affect the …

  • UK Intelligence predicts over 70,000 Russian casualties in next two months amidst Kharkiv offensive

    According to British military sources, the increase in casualties since May is linked to the advance of Russian forces in the Kharkiv region. Due to the effective defence by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and inadequate preparation by Russian forces, tactical successes for the Russians are unlikely. Russian battlefield losses keep setting new records month after month. The UK Defence Ministry's intelligence report provides further details on how the manpower of the Russian Armed Forces has …

  • Australian couple detained over suspected espionage linked to Russia

    Two Australian citizens of Russian descent have been detained on suspicion of espionage in favour of Russia, the Australian Federal Police reported on Friday, 12th July.

    The detainees are 40-year-old Kira Koroleva and her 62-year-old husband Igor Korolev. Koroleva worked as an information systems specialist in the Australian army, holding the rank of Private, and had access to classified information. According to the investigation, she embarked on an "undeclared trip to Russia." From there, …

  • Baltic states to end Russian energy grid reliance by 2025

    The Baltic states are prepared to notify Russia of their complete disconnection from its energy system, with no plans to extend the existing cooperation contract.

    Countries in the Baltic region are nearing the final stages of synchronisation with the Continental European Power System. By February 2025, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are expected to join ENTSO-E. This announcement came from the energy ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, according to a statement from Lithuania's …

  • Yuan dominates Moscow Exchange as US sanctions reshape Russian currency market

    Following the imposition of US sanctions, the Moscow Exchange has effectively become an exchange point where the Chinese yuan is the primary currency, reports The Moscow Times.

    According to the Central Bank of Russia, the yuan now accounts for 99.6% of the currency trading market. The remaining 0.4% comprises friendly currencies like the Belarusian ruble and the Kazakhstani tenge.

    Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the yuan constituted only 3.5% of currency transactions on the Moscow …

  • Ukrainian authorities seize ship involved in transporting grain from Crimea

    A ship captain operating under an African flag has been implicated in assisting Russians to smuggle grain from Crimea. The individual involved reportedly disabled the vessel’s GPS tracker to avoid detection and falsified records of the ship's routes and stops.

    A cargo ship and its captain, who reportedly worked for the Russian Federation, have been detained in the waters off the Odessa region. The captain aided the Russian side in transporting stolen Ukrainian grain from the occupied Crimean …

  • Moscow refuses invitation to second Peace Summit, condemns Zelensky's conditions as ultimatum

    The Kremlin has announced that Russia will not take part in the upcoming Second Peace Summit on Ukraine, citing objections to what they refer to as President Zelensky's "ultimatum."

    Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Mikhail Galuzin, noted that the location of the second summit is yet to be determined, but added, "Geography does not matter; what is important is the content, and that is quite clear,". According to Galuzin, Moscow believes that the summit will push what he described as Zelensky' …