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  • Kremlin outraged over U.S. plans to transfer Russian oligarchs' frozen assets to Ukrainian Armed Forces

    Washington's statement about transferring frozen assets of Russian oligarchs to the Ukrainian Armed Forces has sparked an "absolutely negative" reaction in Russia. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, in particular, referred to such plans as "unlawful acts".

    "Undoubtedly, any claims that they have found legal grounds to continue this lawlessness are legal nonsense. This will inevitably lead to legal proceedings. None of these cases of illegal confiscation will be ignored," he said.

    Peskov also …

  • U.S. General Mark Milley: Ukrainian Forces breach first line of Russian defense in Zaporizhzhia region

    Ukrainian forces have, quite commendably, managed to break through the first line of Russian defence in the Zaporizhzhia region, said the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Mark Milley, in an interview with Almamlakatv.

    There are increasing signs that Ukrainian troops have partially breached the first line of Russian defence on the southern front in the Zaporizhzhia region and are advancing towards the strategically important city of Tokmak, reports CNN.

    Some …

  • Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S.: Washington feels confident about counteroffensive

    The assessment of the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in US official circles is quite positive, said Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova in an interview with

    "There is a big difference between what is written about the offensive in the media and how it is assessed in the US administration, the State Department, the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The assessment of the White House, Secretary of Defense Austin and the head of the Joint Chiefs …

  • U.S. to provide cluster munitions to Ukraine

    The new aid package, which will be provided from the US Army's stockpiles, includes 155-mm caliber ammunition, including DPICM, 105-mm shells, as well as ammunition for the Patriot and HIMARS systems, said US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan at a press briefing.

    At the same time, he noted that Kyiv "provided written assurances" that Ukraine would use these weapons "very carefully, in order to minimize any risk to the civilian population."

    According to Sullivan, these guarantees made …

  • Russia outraged after U.S. refuses to provide visas to Russian propagandists to accompany Foreign Minister Lavrov to New York

    The Russian Foreign Ministry was outraged by the fact that the American side refused to issue visas to Russian journalists to accompany Minister Sergei Lavrov to a meeting of the UN Security Council, which is to be held in New York. In this regard, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov accused Washington of lying and threatened retaliatory measures "so that the United States will remember it for a long time."

    "It's a game of nerves. It's a mockery. This is yet another proof of the fact that …

  • The U.S. sends another strategic reconnaissance drone to the Black Sea

    Three days after the incident with the Russian aircraft ramming and disabling the American strategic drone, the US Air Force sent another reconnaissance drone, this time RQ-4 Global Hawk, to the Black Sea.

    According to the online service Flightradar24, which tracks air traffic around the world, the US Air Force drone flew in the airspace of Bulgaria and Romania, after then continued into the airspace over the Black Sea. According to the American media, the UAV was sent there to observe Russia’ …

  • Russia’s gas exports under threat due to US sanctions

    Gas exports from Russia are facing serious problems due to US sanctions imposed in February, which prohibit the supply of any gas turbines and components to Russia. The critical dependence of Russian gas megaprojects, including the Power of Siberia and the Turkish Stream, on Western technologies and the inability to quickly replace them may lead to a reduction in gas exports to Russia’s remaining major consumers – China and Turkey. Problems with the maintenance of existing gas pipelines and the …

  • Media: U.S. along with another country are behind drone attack on Iranian weapons production facilities

    A drone attack on a ballistic missile depot in Iran was carried out by the United States and another country, reported the TV channel Al-Hadath, citing its to sources in the United States.

    The news outlet writes that the strike was meant to send a signal to Iran and Russia that "setting up [weapons] factories and the export of ballistic weapons are not allowed." Sources of the channel clarified that the second country involved in the attack on the Iranian facilities was not Israel.

    According …

  • US and Italy discuss delivery of SAMP-T air defense systems to Ukraine

    Italy can deliver anti-aircraft missile systems SAMP-T to Ukraine, reports La Repubblica. The United States is asking Italy to accelerate the next package of military assistance for Ukraine, which may include the SAMP-T air defense systems.

    La Repubblica noted that the United States National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, and the diplomatic adviser to the Prime Minister of Italy, Francesco Talo, held a telephone conversation on January 5.

    The two officials discussed military assistance for …

  • Putin threatens to 'knock out' Patriot air defense systems to be delivered to Ukraine by U.S.

    Russian president Vladimir Putin promised to knock out those Patriot air defense systems that the United States will deliver to the Ukrainian military. 

    "They say patriots can be delivered there. Okay, let them bring it, we'll knock out those Patriots. Those who oppose us proceed from the fact that these are supposedly defensive weapons. Okay, we'll just keep that in mind. And there will always be an antidote. So those who do it are doing it in vain. This is just prolonging the conflict, that' …