Ex-Aidar Battalion Commander: Ukrainian troops nearing key Crimea-Melitopol road

Former commander of the Aidar Battalion, Yevhen Dikyy, said in an interview with Radio NV that Ukrainian troops on the left bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region are approaching the road connecting Crimea with Melitopol. "Their main logistic artery, the road connecting Crimea with Melitopol, is under serious threat. Our guys are getting closer to it. This is causing a quiet yet obvious panic among the occupiers," Dikyy said.

On November 17, the Ukrainian marine infantry officially confirmed that Ukrainian Forces had secured several footholds on the occupied left bank of the Dnipro. According to the Ukrainian military. over a thousand Russian soldiers and dozens of military equipment units have already been destroyed during the operation.

Dikyy previously revealed that Ukrainian troops gained control over the river floodplains on the left bank in the Kherson region, significantly worsening the situation for Russian forces.  "In fact, the Dnipro floodplains are already under Ukrainian control. At the moment, the Russians are trying to prevent us from taking the next step. They have practically given us control over the floodplains, but they are trying to dig in and fortify themselves where there is a terrain elevation."

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