Fire at Belgorod ammunition depot injures seven Russian soldiers

An ammunition depot in Russia's Belgorod region has caught fire, resulting in several injuries. The depot, located near the hamlet of Gremuchii, is approximately 39 kilometers north of Belgorod and over 63 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

According to independent Russian Telegram channel Astra, the explosion occurred on June 2nd and led to a subsequent fire at the ammunition depot. Seven Russian soldiers sustained injuries of varying severity and have been hospitalized.

The report specifies that Gremuchi is situated roughly 39 kilometers north of Belgorod, while the site of the explosion is more than 63 kilometers from the Ukraine border.

"Preliminary findings suggest the cause of the incident to be careless handling of ammunition," added Astra.

Previous reports indicated that an S-300/400 missile system was also targeted in the Belgorod region. In the Korochansky district, a military site was attacked, resulting in the destruction of several units of equipment.

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