Kyiv: Russia has detained 22 people on suspicion of blowing up Crimean Bridge

Russian authorities detained 22 people who they believe were involved in blowing up the Crimean bridge across the Kerch Strait, said the acting head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Vasyl Malyuk in an interview with the 1+1 TV channel.

"Regarding the Crimean Bridge. In accordance with the norms of international law, the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine, the customs and traditions of warfare and based on the analysis of the operational situation, we are simply obliged to cut off the enemy logistics there," Malyuk said. "At the same time, today I cannot comment on this publicly and give you any details."

He promised that in time everything would become known.

"I am watching the Russian pseudo-investigation with interest now. As far as I know, they are working on it. 22 of their citizens have been detained. By the way, they are being tortured, and interrogated with polygraph. And I wonder what they will find. So, let's watch, and, we will find all the details, respectively after our victory," Malyuk summed up.

On the morning of October 8, a massive fire broke out on the railway branch of the Crimean bridge which connects the mainland Russia to the annexed Crimea. Part of the bridge collapsed. Later, the Russian authorities said that the fire of seven fuel tanks of the railway train was caused by the explosion of a truck driving in the car lane.

Russian media also reported that eight people were suspected of being involved in the explosion on the bridge. Five people were arrested.

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