Kyiv: Russia is experiencing shortage of Kalibr cruise missiles

Two Russian warships carrying Kalibr cruise missiles have sailed into the Black Sea, but the reserves of these missiles have been depleted, said on the Ukrainian TV the speaker of the Joint Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces, Nataliya Gumenyuk.

According to her, as of Sunday morning, Russian warships and submarines carrying the missiles are on combat duty. This naval group can potentially launch up to eight missiles.

She pointed out that the Ukrainian Armed Forces observe "some enemy’s uncertainty in the number of missiles."

"They are trying to bring more Kalibrs to Sevastopol, because they most likely do not have enough of them," the speaker said.

According to her, Russia has not completely stopped the production of these missiles, but this industry suffers significantly due to sanctions.

"This suggests that the stock is not replenished at the rate they would like. However, we saw the overall assessment of experts that the number of available Kalibrs remaines at about 20%. This is a critically low level of stock. But we understand that they can find some additional missiles," Gumenyuk warned.

According to the Ukrainian Navy, Russia keeps a group of ten ships in the Black Sea.

In the last missile attack on Ukraine, Russia fired four Kalibr missiles. Two of them were shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces.

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