Kyiv: Ukraine has destroyed 15 Russian warships since the beginning of war

As of today, 15 Russian ships have been destroyed and another 12 Russian ships have been damaged, announced Ukrainian Navy spokesperson Dmytro Pletenchuk.

"We can count the vessels that have already been taken out of action. These include 15 destroyed and 12 damaged enemy ships. Of course, not all of this is the result of our drones' work, but they have caused a significant amount of damage to the enemy's ships. That's why we are essentially spearheading this new type of naval warfare, and everyone acknowledges it," Pletenchuk said during a national news broadcast.

According to the spokesperson, Ukraine is demonstrating a new level of unmanned systems use in the context of such maritime warfare. Pletenchuk revealed that the Ukrainian Forces have a dedicated brigade that utilizes both surface and underwater drones. These drones are not only employed for mine clearance but also for assault purposes.

Pletenchuk also noted that Russia's capabilities in the Black Sea have significantly been reduced, all thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian military. In particular, the Russians are now forced to stay as far away as possible, and their actions are now limited.

"One could even say that they are currently on the defensive. However, the danger still exists. Unfortunately, the enemy still has cruise missile carriers," added the Ukrainian Navy spokesperson.

Earlier, Pletenchuk mentioned that Russia has been facing logistical issues after relocating a part of its fleet to Novorossiysk. He explained that the Russian fleet is currently unable to load Kalibr cruise missiles onto their missile carriers.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that Ukraine has managed to seize the initiative from Russia in the Black Sea and create secure conditions, prompting the Russians to flee the eastern part of the Black Sea to protect their warships.

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