Largest drone attack since summer hits Crimea, 41 UAVs target Russian military sites in coordinated night raid

On the night of December 5, the "largest drone attack since the end of summer" was carried out on Crimea, with a total of 41 unmanned aerial vehicles involved in the raid.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, in the first wave, "22 aircraft-type drones" were destroyed over the territory of Crimea and the Azov Sea, while another 13 drones were intercepted by electronic warfare systems.

An hour later, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that "four more drones" were destroyed over the Azov Sea and two were intercepted.

The Russian Defense Ministry did not provide any information regarding damages or casualties.

The most massive drone attack on Crimea occurred on August 25 of this year, involving 42 drones.

Meanwhile, according to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russian military launched "17 Shahed drones" and six surface-to-air missiles from the S-300 missile defense system  on Tuesday night. "10 out of the 17 drones" were shot down, according to the morning briefing.

According to Ukrainian military sources, the missiles were aimed at "civilian targets in the Donetsk and Kherson regions."

The Ukrainian news agency Hromadske reported that the drone attack on Crimea was carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). According to Hromadske, the attack targeted four Russian military installations: a helicopter parking lot, the Nebo-M and P-18 Terek radar systems, and the the Baikal-M command and  control system of the Russian air defense.  These targets were located in the village of Bagerove near Kerch, and in the village of Strelkove on the Arabat Spit.

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