Multiple explosions shake annexed Crimea

Explosions were heard in several settlements in the temporarily occupied Crimea. Anti-aircraft systems were activated on the peninsula, and there are reports of casualties. Multiple social media users have shared details of the incidents.

Residents of Yevpatoria reported seeing ambulances and fire trucks on the streets following the explosions.

Partisans from the pro-Ukrainian Atesh movement reported explosions in temporarily occupied Yevpatoria via their Telegram channel. Explosions were also reported in the village of Dobrodushino in the Saksky district, north of Yevpatoria.

Additionally, Atesh agents noted that an alarm was announced at military units in Sevastopol.

The Telegram channel Crimean Wind reported that ambulances and fire trucks were moving through Yevpatoria.

Earlier, there were reports of anti-aircraft systems being active in the city.

As previously mentioned, partisans conducted reconnaissance in the Sevastopol Bay of temporarily occupied Crimea and recorded vessels of the Russian Black Sea Fleet there.

Furthermore, partisans carried out sabotage on a railway in the Russian city of Yaroslavl. The actions of the underground operatives hindered the transportation of military supplies by several Russian companies.

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