Frontline baby orphans are waiting for new parents.

Little Volodimir and other children from the frontline orphanage are waiting for new parents – reports Ukrainian TSN news channel.

Little baby Volodimir will be 2 months old tomorrow.

This is the age when according to Ukrainian laws the baby can be adopted.

The boy is in an orphanage in Severodonetsk.  A year ago Pro-Kremlin separatist of Luhansk republic were trying to relocate this orphanage to Russia.

The nurses and doctors stood up to the separatists then.

“For the last month the little boy has gained almost a kilogram of weight” – the nurses are boasting. “Even babies living with their parents don't grow so much.”

The mother of the little boy abandoned him right after he was born. He was left in a partially ruined hospital in Stanitsa Luhanska which was only a few hundred meters away from the frontline.

After the story of this little boy was aired on TSN news, Ukrainians have sent everything little Volodimir needs, from diapers to a stroller.

"Our babies are missing only one thing - vitamin "M",  “Mothers to love them”.  So we are waiting for new mothers for our babies" - says Kateryna Dontsova ,  the Chief doctor of the orphanage.

Kateryna and her orphanage were at the center of Ukrainian and Russian news coverage  when Pro-Kremlin separatists tried to move the orphanage to Russia.

Kateryna remembers - "First the separatist told us they were taking us and the 61 children to Crimea”.

Although when they reached the border with Russia it became evident to Kateryna that it was a lie.

“We were 15 staff members taking care of more than 60 children.  The adults almost didn't sleep as we were constantly tending to one child or another.”  Kateryna remembers.

"While we were at the border,  I was praying like never before to get back to Ukraine" -says Hanna, one of the nurses.

“Finally we managed to free ourselves from the separatists and the children were taken to Kharkiv”.

 Kateryna, returned to Donbas,  where she  continues to be a mother to many abandoned children,  like baby Volodimir.

The orphanage had to be re-registered again.  The authorities of Severodonetsk  provided  the premises while UN provided funds for renovation.  Many volunteers brought furniture and clothing to help re-establish this orphanage.

Now Kateryna, with the help of her colleagues who came from Luhansk, take care of 20 abandoned children.

Every day she comes to work with the hope of bringing some happiness to these children.  

"We want to go back to Luhansk,  we want to return to Ukrainian Luhansk. This is my wish and the wish of all my colleagues “ - says Kateryna.

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