Prigozhin breaks silence, promises 'more victories ahead'

The head of Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, for the first time in a week recorded an audio message, which was published on the Telegram channel Grey Zone.

"I want you to understand that our "march of justice" was aimed at fighting traitors and mobilizing our society. And I think that we managed to do a lot of this," Prigozhin said.

He promised that in the near future everyone will see "our next victories at the front." It is not known exactly when the audio was recorded. Prigozhin also did not say anything about his whereabouts.

The previous Prigozhin's statement was published on June 26. Then, he said that the purpose of his rebellion was "to prevent the destruction of the Wagner PMC." According to him, on July 1, the Wagner Group was supposed to be dissolved as a result of "intrigues and ill-conceived decisions." Prigozhin assured that he was not going to "overthrow the regime."

On June 23, Prigozhin announced a military campaign against Moscow, in particular against the Russian Defense Ministry.

"There are 25,000 of us, and we are going to figure out why lawlessness is happening in the country," he said in an audio statement. - 25 thousand are expected as a tactical reserve, and the strategic reserve is the whole army and the whole country. Anyone who wants to, join us. We need to end this disgrace."

The Kremlin reported that they had agreed with Prigozhin that after the end of the rebellion, he would move to Belarus. He himself neither confirmed nor denied this. On June 27, the Prigozhin 's plane landed at the Machulishchy military airfield near Minsk. Since then, Prigozhin's plane has flown between Russia and Belarus at least twice. It is unknown whether the head of Wagner himself made the trips to Russia.

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