Russia aims to reinforce Baltic Fleet with Kalibr-armed submarines

Russia’s Chief Naval Command is discussing the possibility of building Kalibr cruise missile-armed project 636.3 submarines for the Baltic Fleet, TASS reports, citing two sources in the shipbuilding sector.

Russia’s Pacific and Black Sea Fleets already possess submarines of this class.

One of the sources told TASS that the Black Sea Fleet can accommodate fewer of the submarines than the other fleets. Russia’s Chief Naval Command declined to comment on the matter.

Russian Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles can be used to attack ground targets, surface ships and submarines. They have a range of several hundred kilometers against maritime targets, and roughly 2,000 km against land targets.

Project 636.3 submarines (NATO classification: Improved Kilo-II) are also equipped with Kalibr missiles. The submarines are built by the Admiralty Shipyard, which is part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation.

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