Russian oligarchs offer to pay for rebuilding Ukraine in exchange for the West lifting sanctions

Russian oligarchs are ready to pay for lifting the sanctions against them. They offer to send these funds to Ukraine, said Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland during a meeting with colleagues from the G7 countries, reports the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Freeland said that the sanctioned Russian oligarchs call her on their own initiative. They complain that Putin’s war has affected their lives. According to the Canadian official, the Russian rich do not approve of the Kremlin's policy, but, fearing reprisals from the Putin regime, do not show discontent.

Russian oligarchs have offered a deal. They will donate a significant part of their fortunes to the reconstruction of Ukraine in exchange for lifting personal restrictions against them. The names of businessmen and specific amounts of contributions have not been provided. Negotiations with Russian entrepreneurs are still at an early stage, the newspaper says.

"Such a deal could provide certain advantages for all parties. Kyiv receives billions, the West avoids the debate about expropriation, and Russian oligarchs get their luxurious lives back," the newspaper writes, describing this idea as "as interesting as it is explosive."

It was reported earlier, that dissatisfaction with Russian President Vladimir Putin is growing among the Russian elites. The Kremlin leadership hopes for the departure of the Russian president "in the foreseeable future” but believes that this is possible only if his health deteriorates futher.

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