Turkey thwarts major terrorist plot in Moscow after Crocus City mall attack

Turkish special services helped to prevent a second terror attack in Moscow after the assault on the Crocus City Hall shopping center, which militants from the group "Vilayat Khorasan" — banned in Russia — were planning. This is reported by the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet.

It is noted that a crowded shopping center was chosen as the possible target. Turkish intelligence prevented this second major terrorist attack by contacting Moscow, the newspaper writes.

The "Vilayat Khorasan" group is linked to the terrorist organization ISIS.

Information about the planned attack was obtained after the interrogation of individuals associated with the activities of a local cell monitored by Turkish special services. Turkish authorities then contacted their Russian counterparts.

The publication notes that militants from the group were involved in an attack on the Catholic Church of St. Mary in Istanbul in January 2024. Additionally, two individuals involved in the attack on Crocus City Hall had visited Turkey shortly before the attack, information which was also shared with Turkish law enforcement.

On the evening of March 22, a shooting occurred at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow. This resulted in over 100 fatalities and many injuries.

On March 31, Russia had officially accused Ukraine of involvement in the shooting at Crocus City Hall in Moscow region and other "terrorist acts".

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