Ukraine signals potential strikes on Crimean bridge amid Russian logistical struggles

Dmytro Pletenchuk, head of Ukraine’s Southern Defence Forces' Strategic Communications Centre, has claimed the Crimean Bridge cannot withstand the logistical pressures it's currently facing.

According to Pletenchuk, Russia currently has no alternative to the Kerch Strait Bridge. The functioning of this bridge is directly tied to the military logistics of the Russian army.

"Remember, at one point, there was talk of an underground tunnel from Russia to Crimea," he said on air with Radio Svoboda. "Now might be the right moment to start its construction because other relatively safe methods to reach Crimea may no longer be available".

He added that the existing bridge could not handle the logistical demands, forcing the Russians to seek alternatives. "Naval logistics, such as using large landing ships, are no longer an option," he explained.

"These landing ships seem to explode and sink in our Black Sea for some reason. They have opted for ferries, which were forgotten when the Kerch Bridge opened. The main military logistics had to revert to ferries, but that's no longer viable," Pletenchuk added.

Moreover, Pletenchuk mentioned that the railway being built along the northern coast of the Sea of Azov in the occupied southern Ukraine is also incomplete. He asserted that the opportune moment for strikes on the bridge is known only to a select few. "Structures like these are quite complex to target effectively," he noted.

On 23 May, the Russian Telegram channel Crimean Wind reported that Russians were setting up a barrier of small pontoons (barges) near the Kerch Bridge. They hope this could protect the structure from Ukrainian maritime drones.

On May 31, Russia’s Ministry of Defence claimed that Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly launched 10 ATACMS missiles at the Crimean Bridge on the night of May 30.

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