Ukraine urges global unity at Switzerland peace summit to counter Russia's aggression

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksandr Lytvynenko, has made a poignant statement ahead of the [Peace Summit in Switzerland. Kyiv, he asserts, is banking on a united and firm opposition from a majority of participating nations that would pressure the aggressor to withdraw and align itself with truth and legality. According to Lytvynenko, future talks with Moscow are not off the table, reports CNN Türk.

In discussing the Ukraine crisis, the Secretary highlighted the nation’s anticipation of tangible measures, particularly in the realm of food security. He clarified that invitations to the Peace Summit in Switzerland have been extended not only to Western countries but also to a broader array of nations.

Lytvynenko reiterated Ukraine's determination to reclaim its infringed rights, emphasizing the restoration of its territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence. He also underscored the significance of holding Russian war criminals accountable.

"Putin aims for Ukraine's capitulation. Ukraine will not surrender. We seek justice, we seek lasting peace. We want a peace that will endure for years and enable Ukraine to thrive once more," emphasized the Secretary of the NSDC.

The Peace Summit in Switzerland is slated for June. Bloomberg reported that in preparing for the event, diplomats have concentrated on drawing as many countries from the "Global South" as possible, notably highlighting the crucial participation of China and its influential stance towards Moscow.

Previously, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized China for aiding Russia in attempting to derail the Peace Summit. He accused Moscow of employing Chinese diplomats to sabotage the event in Switzerland.

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