Ukrainian Air Force uses 227 kg precision-guided bombs on Russian-held factory in Vovchansk

The Ukrainian Air Force conducted strikes using precision-guided bombs on Russian positions located in a surrounded factory in Vovchansk. A corresponding video was released online showing targeted explosions in a relatively small area, indicating the use of guided munitions. 

The exact type of aerial bombs used remains unknown, but the video suggests the bombs weighed up to 227 kg. It should be noted that remnants of Russian units are positioned in the besieged factory in the city of Vovchansk.

To eliminate these positions, the Ukrainian Forces are leveraging the precision capabilities of advanced weaponry. The employment of aerial bombs ensures high accuracy in strikes.

Furthermore, Mk.82 series bombs are equipped with 89 kg of explosive material, while the Mk.83 series has 202 kg, enhancing the ability to neutralize enemy targets and positions. Currently, the Ukrainian Air Force is utilising US-made precision bombs from the JDAM/ER and SDB families, as well as French AASM (Hammer) bombs.

Additionally, Ukraine is preparing to test its own indigenous version of the long-range precision-guided JDAM-ER bomb.

  War in Ukraine, Russia, Vovchansk