Ukrainian Armed Forces strike Russian landing boats in the Black Sea

On the night of November 10, two Russian high-speed landing assault boats, belonging to project 11770, were struck in the Black Sea near the village of Chernomorske in occupied Crimea, reported the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The boats, which were carrying crews and armored vehicles including the BTR-82, had been actively used by Russia during the occupation of Snake Island to deliver military equipment and troops, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate.

Furthermore, the intelligence agency stated that these small Serna-class landing assault boats with anti-aircraft missile systems on board provided protection for the Russian Navy's ships during raids, as Russia currently lacks naval air defense systems following attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In addition, sources from Crimean Telegram channels have reported that Russian military base in Chernomorske was also hit with missiles. Efforts are currently underway to clear the rubble.

"The boats are seriously damaged. According to preliminary data, only one of them can be repaired, while the second one is completely disabled. It turns out that not only the crew members were on one of the boats, but also military personnel who boarded shortly before the strike 'for participation in a secret amphibious operation,'" reports the Russian Telegram channel the Kremlin Tobacco Box.

According to its information, as a result of the attack, four crew members and 17 paratroopers were killed. The Russians also lost two BTR-82 armored vehicles and an air defense system.

The claims that the strike was carried out using naval drones while the boats were anchored.

According to the official statement of the Russian Defense Ministry, during the night attack, two Ukrainian drones were allegedly intercepted and there were no casualties. The Ukrainian military intelligence refuted this information by publishing footage of the attack. Judging by the footage, the strikes carried out by the naval drones were very successful.

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