Ukrainian Forces sink Russian missile ship in Sevastopol using ATACMS missiles

A Russian small missile ship, the Tsiklone, has been reportedly sunk at its berth in Sevastopol following an attack by ATACMS missiles, according to Russian media sources. The incident, reported by Russian news outlet ASTRA, took place as the ship was docked .

Reports indicated that six servicemen of the Russian Black Sea Fleet lost their lives, and eleven more were injured due to the missile strike. Confirmations of another missile carrier's absence in the annexed Crimea surfaced following the attack. Information initially circulated on social media was later confirmed by sources within the peninsula's intelligence services, corroborating the reports of the ship being hit while docked.

"Three ATACMS missiles struck the berth in Sevastopol where the small missile ship Tsiklone was docked. The ship has sunk," ASTRA reported, citing a source in Crimea's special services.

Per ASTRA's information, at least twelve ATACMS missiles targeted Sevastopol on the night of 19 May. Nine were allegedly intercepted and three hit the berth, sinking the Tsiklone. Casualty details have not been provided by any media outlets.

Social media platforms have been rife with reports of casualties from the attack.

"A strike was carried out on the MRK Tsiklone. On the night of May 19, 2024, a missile attack targeted the Project 22800 Tsiklone missile ship in Sevastopol's port. The attack, involving two ballistic ATACMS missiles, resulted in six Russian Black Sea Fleet servicemen's deaths, with 11 others injured," reads one post.

On May 19, Ukrainian forces sunk another vessel of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence stated that a minesweeper, the Kovrovets, was sunk.

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