Ukrainian military command: Russia has used up almost all of its Kalibr and Iskander missiles since the beginning of invasion

During the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia has used almost the entire arsenal of Iskander short-range ballistic missiles and Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles, reported the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"The occupying forces have lost their offensive potential and have been stopped in all directions. The enemy has significant problems with logistics and continues to suffer heavy losses," the General Staff said.

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Forces, since the Russian forces have used almost the entire arsenal of Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles and Iskander short-range ballistic missiles during the first twenty days of the operation, they continue to bomb infrastructure facilities and residential areas of large cities using low-precision weapons.

"Russia's war against Ukraine lasts for the 22nd day. Russian forces are carrying out airstrikes on key military and civilian infrastructure, destroying airfields, military units, oil depots, gas stations, churches, schools, and hospitals. Shelling of residential areas is carried out using artillery, multiple rocket launcher systems and ballistic missiles. Convoys of armored vehicles of the Russian army are trying to encircle Kyiv and several regional centers near the Russian border, "the report said.

Russia is still denying that it is waging a war of conquest against Ukraine and calls it a "special operation" that aims at "demilitarization and denazification" of Ukraine. The Kremlin also denies attacks on civilians, despite ample evidence to the contrary documented by the media.

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