Ukrainian Special Forces destroy Russian oil rig in Black Sea used for drone reconnaissance

Ukrainian forces have carried out a special operation named "Citadel" in the Black Sea, targeting and destroying a key facility used by the Russian military, reports the press service of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces.

Intelligence reports indicated that the Russians had commandeered one of the oil platforms to enhance the capabilities of an Iranian-made "Mohajer-6" unmanned aerial reconnaissance drone. Specifically, they had installed equipment to extend its operational range and radius. The Russians used this UAV for reconnaissance and to facilitate subsequent strikes using Shahed kamikaze drones on critical infrastructure targets in southern Ukraine.

"Furthermore, the enemy had equipped the platform with a 'Neva-B' radar station to detect surface vessels, ranging from motorboats to ships. With this radar system, the Russians were able to monitor the situation in the northwestern part of the Black Sea," the statement reads.

The special operation by Group 73 of the Maritime Special Operations Forces was conducted within an area regularly patrolled by Russian aviation and naval forces.

"During the night, the boats of the 73rd Maritime Special Operations Center approached the drilling platform. After executing special measures and clearing the installation, it was mined. The assault team withdrew to a safe distance and detonated the enemy target," Ukrainian military officials stated.

The successful execution of this special operation has allowed for safer passage of ships and limited Russia's operational capabilities in the northwestern Black Sea, noted Ukraine's Special Operations Forces press service.

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