Ukrainian strikes on Kerch ferry challenge Russian logistics in Crimea and southern Ukraine

Several days ago, Ukrainian forces targeted the ferry crossing in temporarily occupied Kerch. Spokesperson for Operational Command South Dmytro Pletenchuk explained the significance of this attack for Ukraine.

"This ferry crossing was essentially the main logistics route for supplying the group stationed in temporarily occupied Crimea and consequently the group in the Tavriya direction," Pletenchuk noted in a comment to Espresso.

According to him, the Russians used the ferries to transport heavy equipment, personnel, and railway carriages.

Pletenchuk stated that the effects of the attack on the Kerch ferry crossing along the frontline would not be immediately noticeable.

"Over time, of course, when the existing supplies in Crimea are depleted, this should have an impact on the line of combat," he added.

On 30 May, Ukrainian special forces Group 13 destroyed two high-speed transport and landing assault boats of the Russian army, the KS-701 "Tuna", with the help of Magura V5 marine drones, and damaged an equal number of these types of vessels.

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