Western home appliances meant for Ukraine end up in Russian market despite sanctions

Some Western companies, defying sanctions imposed on Russia in response to its aggression in Ukraine, continue to sell their products in the Russian market. According to Kommersant, home appliances from manufacturers such as Bosch, Delonghi, and Philips, originally intended for the Ukrainian market, have been found on sale in Russia. These products, featuring stickers, documentation, and instructions in Ukrainian, are available on online marketplaces like Ozon, Wildberries, and Yandex Market, as well as in electronic retail chain stores, the publication reported on Wednesday, May 29, citing sources within the home appliance market and its own investigation.

The sales of products originally meant for Ukraine on Russian online platforms were confirmed by Dmitry Shashkin, the CEO of Russian home appliance manufacturer Kuppersberg. He noted that these shipments are widespread because some foreign brands have recommended their Turkish, Polish, and Baltic factories continue deliveries to maintain their market presence in Russia.

Shipments of products intended for Ukraine reportedly began in the second quarter.

Kommersant journalists also discovered one model of Bosch dishwasher with Ukrainian instructions and stickers marked for delivery to Kyiv on sale at M.Video, Citilink, Yandex Market, Holodilnik.ru, and other stores. M.Video-Eldorado and Yandex Market stated that the appliances being sold comply with Russian regulations. The former Russian branch of the German conglomerate Bosch, BSH Home Appliances, asserted that they do not have data on the sale of appliances manufactured for the Ukrainian market in Russia.

In addition, Dmitry Khludnev, head of the home appliance company Weissgauff, also confirmed that foreign manufacturers’ products originally destined for Ukraine, including those from Bosch, Delonghi, and Philips, are being supplied to Russia. Another source at a Russian retailer told Kommersant that these imports began in the second quarter of 2024 due to decreased consumer demand in Ukraine on account of the consequences of the Russian invasion.

Previously, it was reported that several well-known home appliance manufacturers - Electrolux, Tefal, Braun, and Rowenta - had blocked supplies to Russia in accordance with international sanctions imposed on Russia following the onset of its military aggression against Ukraine.

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