• Representative of Syrian Opposition: Russia is attempting to Occupy Syria

    A spokesman for the High Negotiating Committee, Salim al-Muslat, told an Anadolu Agency reporter that Russia, as a member of the UN Security Council, should make efforts to cease the bloody conflict in Syria, not try to occupy the country. Salim al-Muslat was in Geneva participating in the Syrian peace negotiations. Salim expressed his hope that the United Nations will put pressure on Moscow in order to end airstrikes in Syria.

    Al-Muslat also noted that the final decision on the participation …

  • Turkish Air Force at Highest State of Readiness

    All military airbases in Turkey were placed on an ‘orange’ alert level, meaning that pilots can act immediately without the consent of command.

    The ‘orange’ alert was issued for all Turkish Air Force bases on Sunday, January 31st, so the Turkish Air Force is ‘fully ready’ and pilots have the right to immediately open fire without prior coordination with command, the Anatolian News Agency reported.

    Previously, Ankara accused Russia of violating Turkish airspace over the border with Syria. As a …

  • Italian Construction Company Files Lawsuit against Gazprom

    A lawsuit against a subsidiary of the Russian energy giant Gazprom was filed by an Italian construction company.

    The Italian company, Saipem S.p.A., filed a lawsuit against a subsidiary of the Russian company Gazprom - South Stream Transport B.V. The claim, worth about 759 million Euros, was sent to the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, as reported on the RBC website on Sunday.

    According to RBC, the lawsuit was filed on November 10th, 2015, and became the first major lawsuit against …

  • Ukraine asks French TV Channel to take Anti-Maidan Documentary off the Air

    The Ukrainian Embassy in France called the movie, The Masks of the Revolution, a pamphlet made according to the worst traditions of misinformation, and appealed to the leadership of the broadcasting channel to take it off the air.

    The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked the board of directors of the French TV channel Canal + to cancel the screening of the film, The Masks of the Revolution, which depicts the events on the Maidan in February of 2014. The film is scheduled to be aired on February 1 …

  • Jaresko: Ukraine may receive 600 million Euros from the EU

    The Finance Minister of Ukraine, Natalie Jaresko, has met with the Head of the EU delegation in Ukraine, Jan Tombinski, to discuss conditions for Ukraine to obtain €600 million of financial support.  This was reported by Jaresko herself.

    “On Friday, I met with the Head of the EU delegation in Ukraine, Jan Tombinski.  We discussed the necessary steps to allow Ukraine to receive €600 million as the second tranche under the third program of financial support of Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA) of …