• Russian Propaganda Film about Ukraine to be Shown on French Television

    On February 1st, one of the largest and most popular private television channels in France will broadcast a movie by French director Paul Moreira called, Ukraine: the Masks of the Revolution.

    According to EuroPravda, the movie was shot in the spirit of Russian propaganda and serves to spread information about "extremist nationalist battalions in Ukraine that have become a threat to the government," as well as about the "massacre in Odessa."

    The documentary shows violent scenes of the fight on …

  • Russian airstrike hits humanitarian convoy in Syria

    The Russian Air Force carried out airstrikes on a humanitarian convoy from Turkey, according to Anadolu.  The incident occurred in the region of the Syrian town of Azez.  The majority of the trucks were bombed and 12 people were injured.  The wounded were taken to the hospital in the town of Kilis but despite all efforts, doctors were unable to save two of them.

    The Russian Air Force began carrying out airstrikes in Syria on the 30th of September.  Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad requested …

  • Germany Specifies Conditions For Consent Of Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

    Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, said that Germany will not give its consent to the construction of the pipeline "Nord Stream-2" if the gas is not guaranteed to reach the countries of Eastern Europe, Reuters reported. Gabriel urged that Poland’s concerns regarding the construction of a gas pipeline be taken seriously.

    On January 18th, Polish President Andrzej Duda said at a joint briefing with the Chairman of the European Council, Donald Tusk, that Nord …

  • Kremlin Finds US's Words On Corruption In Russia 'Insulting'

    Statements of the representatives of US authorities on the corruption of Russian President Vladimir Putin have been found “insulting” by the Kremlin. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that such remarks constitute interference with the presidential campaign to be held in 2018.

    Moscow accused Washington of interfering in an electoral campaign that has not yet even begun. Peskov said on Friday, January 29th that "insulting and indignant statements" made by the official representative of the …

  • Kadyrov: The US has started a war against Russia

    The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that the words of US authorities regarding the alleged corruption of Russian President Vladimir Putin suggests the beginning of a war against Russia.

    The statement made by US officials about this alleged corruption suggests that they are against Russia and have “launched a real war”. This was posted by Kadyrov on his Instagram page.

    Kadyrov referred to the steps taken by the White House as “unfriendly”.  “The scenario seems to be out of a Hollywood …