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  • For the first time, Ukraine strikes Belgorod region of Russia with HIMARS missiles

    The Ukrainian Armed Forces have used HIMARS multiple rocket launchers to strike 'civilian infrastructure' in Belgorod for the first time, claims 'war correspondent' Yevgeny Poddubny on his Telegram channel. He notes that more than ten rockets were intercepted, and there were no casualties or significant damage.

    Russia's Ministry of Defense announced today that its air defense systems shot down 62 Ukrainian drones, 14 HIMARS rockets, and three guided Hammer bombs. The ministry did not specify …

  • Ukrainian missile strike kills dozens of Russian soldiers at Donetsk training range

    According to reports by Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky, BBC Russian Service correspondent Ilya Barabanov, and DPR military Egor Guzenko, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a missile strike at a training ground near the village of Trudovske in the Volnovakha district of the Donetsk region. As a result, dozens of soldiers from the Russian 36th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade (military unit 06705) from Zabaikalsky Krai were killed.

    The strike, carried out by two HIMARS rockets in the middle of …

  • Poland to deploy HIMARS missile systems near Russian border

    Poland will deploy HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems near the border with the Russian Kaliningrad region, reported the news outlet Samorządowy, citing the Polish Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak.

    According to the Minister, Polish 16th Mechanized Division, which is stationed near the border with the Kaliningrad region, will receive American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems by the end of the year.

    The Polish Defense Minister recalled that the Polish authorities ordered HIMARS in 2019 …

  • Russian media confirms multiple deaths of Russian officers in Ukrainian HIMARS strikes

    Due to the work on the front of the MLRS HIMARS, the occupying forces of the Russian Federation increased the losses of officers.

    It’s no longer safe for the Russian officers to be even far behind the front lines in the occupied territories. Over the past two weeks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been consistently destroying the Russian military bases and logistics depots.

    The news website Meduza reports that multiple deaths of Russian officers have been confirmed by the Russian media.

    A …

  • Russian propagandists call on Kremlin military leadership to do something about Ukrainian strikes on Russian command centers and ammunition depots

    Russian propagandist Alexander Sladkov complained that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already carried out several precision strikes on Russian decision-making centers.

    "Ukrainian rocket and artillery units have already struck our decision-making centers several times. There are consequences. The centers are small but important. I don't write here where, when, how much, or by whom in order not to give away military secrets, " the propagandist complains on his Telegram channel.

    Sladkov noted …

  • Putin believes that delivery of American HIMARS systems to Ukraine will not change the course of war

    The decision of the US authorities to supply Ukraine with HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems will not fundamentally change the balance of forces, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    "There is nothing new. First, about these multiple launch rocket systems. The Ukrainian army has similar systems of Soviet and Russian production Grad, Smerch, Uragan," said Putin.

    Putin added that "the range does not depend on the system itself, but on the missiles that are used."

    "What we hear today and …

  • Kremlin accuses the U.S. of ‘adding fuel to the fire’ by supplying MLRS systems to Ukraine

    The United States purposefully and diligently "add fuel to the fire" and wants "to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian," said Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, commenting on Washington’s decision to supply Ukraine with HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems) multiple launch rocket systems.

    According to the Kremlin spokesperson, such supplies do not help to prompt Ukrainian leadership to resume peace negotiations.

    Peskov noted that the Kremlin does not trust Kyiv's …

  • Poland to buy American HIMARS missile systems

    On Sunday 10 February, the Polish government will formally announce its acquisition of US-produced High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

    According to a post on the Polish Defense Ministry website, the deal will be officially announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

    HIMARS are multipurpose salvo rocket systems that can fire unguided and guided rockets, as well as tactical rockets. The US Department of State authorized the sale of the …

  • US to sell to Romania HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems for $1.25 billion

    The United States intends to supply High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) to Romania for a total of $1.25 billion, the US Department of Defense announced on Friday.

    According to the US military, the new contract with Romania will "strengthen the foreign policy and national security of the United States," because it will help "strengthen the security of NATO allies, which was and still remains a factor for the political stability and economic progress in Europe." This deal "will …