Poland to deploy HIMARS missile systems near Russian border

Poland will deploy HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems near the border with the Russian Kaliningrad region, reported the news outlet Samorządowy, citing the Polish Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak.

According to the Minister, Polish 16th Mechanized Division, which is stationed near the border with the Kaliningrad region, will receive American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems by the end of the year.

The Polish Defense Minister recalled that the Polish authorities ordered HIMARS in 2019, and, as part of this deal, the United States will supply Poland with 500 such systems.

The 16th Mechanized Division has already been reinforced with Korean K2 Black Panther tanks and K9 Thunder self-propelled artillery systems. The first artillery systems were delivered in December 2022.

Russian officials have already commented on the Poloand’s decision to deploy HIMARS systems near Kaliningrad. The Russian MP Andrei Gurulev said that in the event of such a development of events, the Russian Federation will direct its missiles towards Poland.

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