Russian media confirms multiple deaths of Russian officers in Ukrainian HIMARS strikes

Due to the work on the front of the MLRS HIMARS, the occupying forces of the Russian Federation increased the losses of officers.

It’s no longer safe for the Russian officers to be even far behind the front lines in the occupied territories. Over the past two weeks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been consistently destroying the Russian military bases and logistics depots.

The news website Meduza reports that multiple deaths of Russian officers have been confirmed by the Russian media.

A major blow to the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine happened on July 8. On this day, 6 high-ranking officers of the Russian Armed Forces were killed. Among them were a major of the 49th Combined Arms Army, a senior lieutenant, and a senior warrant officer from the 90th anti-aircraft missile brigade, as well as two warrant officers from the command of the 66th brigade.

These officers were reportedly engaged in some classified operations. Their obituaries state that they died "in the line of duty to protect state secrets."

July 10 also became a "black day" for the Russian army. On that day, the command post of the 106th Airborne Division was destroyed by the Ukrainian Forces. Among the killed were two deputy commanders Maxim Kudrin and Sergei Kuzminov, as well as chief of staff Andrey Vasilyev.

On the same day, the Russian army suffered heavy losses during the strike of the Ukrainian military on the Russian command center in Nova Kakhovka. According to the Ukrainian side, the Russian losses amounted to 150 dead, including 5 officers.

Among them were the commander of the 20th Motorized Rifle Division Alexei Gorobets, Colonel Sergei Kens, and the chief of staff of the 22nd Army Corps, Major-General Nasbulin.

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