Lithuania says it will go ahead with transits restrictions to Kaliningrad

Lithuania will continue to implement the terms of the EU’s 4th package of sanctions and halt the transit of other goods to Kaliningrad from July 10, when the sanctions come into force, said the Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytėfi.

"Yes, as we are now implementing the sanctions that come into force on June 17," Šimonytė said, answering the question whether other sanctions will be implemented.

According to her, the customers of Lithuanian Railways have already been informed about this.

"Since the applications for transportation were sent to the company probably last week, this is the procedure. Applications are submitted in advance. They are either approved or rejected," the Prime Minister added.

She clarified that the carriers were informed that from July 10, certain sanctions regulations come into force so that they do not load the cargo after this date.

On June 18, Lithuania partially blocked Russia's access to the Kaliningrad region. On June 21, it extended restrictions on the transportation of goods to Kaliningrad.

Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev threatened the population of Lithuania with "serious" consequences due to these transit restrictions.

  Kaliningrad, Lithuania