Poland: some individuals in Zelensky's circle are giving him bad advice

President Volodymyr Zelensky's speech at the United Nations has sparked critical reactions not only from Poland but also from other countries, said Marcin Pszydach, the Head of the International Policy Bureau in the Polish President's administration,  on Radio ZET.
During his speech at the UN General Assembly, President Zelensky expressed concern over how "some in Europe are playing solidarity in the political theater," turning Ukrainian grain deliveries into a thriller, actually helping to "prepare the stage for the Moscow actor." This statement was critically received in Poland.

Pszydach admits that "there were some bad sentiments on the side of Kyiv."
"Perhaps there are people around President Zelensky who just give him bad advice," he said.
Pszydach also emphasized that breaking any partnership with allies would not be in Ukraine's interest.

A meeting between the presidents of Poland and Ukraine was supposed to take place during their visits to New York, but this did not happen. Pszydach assured that the Polish side is open to negotiations: "If there is a constructive approach, we do not exclude contacts at the highest level."
"Negotiations should lead to constructive conclusions. Secondly, we should not escalate the language. The Ukrainian side has already said a lot," added Pszydach.

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