Polish officer: Russia made Kaliningrad region a ‘military scarecrow’

Colonel of the Reserve Marek Wrzosek called the Kaliningrad region of Russia a “military scarecrow” because of the number of weapons deployed there. The Colonel noted that Moscow has recently been increasing equipment stationed near the western borders of the country.

Earlier this week, air defenses in the Kaliningrad region were reinforced with a regiment of S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft missile systems. Wrzosek also referred to reports by Russian media in early March regarding the transfer of Su-27 fighter aircraft to the region as a response to NATO's buildup of forces.

"The Kaliningrad region represents sort of a defense border with the equipment of the last generation. Russians use it as a scarecrow,” the Colonel told Polskie Radio. According to Wrzosek, this territory has become not only a military base, but also Russia's "eyes and ears." He is convinced that Moscow seeks both to defend its regions and to control the territories outside.

In May last year, the National Interest reported that Kaliningrad was “armed to the teeth” and that it was NATO's worst nightmare. Commenting on the publication, Deputy of the State Duma Yury Shvytkin stressed that any of Russia's actions regarding the deployment of weapons within the country were an internal affair. The parliamentarian also noted that all of Russia’s actions regarding the protections of its borders are performed in strict compliance with international law.

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