Sweden strengthens air defense systems on Gotland island to counteract Russia

On July 1, Swedish Armed Forces reported that Swedish authorities had strengthened air defense on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. The new surface-to-air missile system has been deployed on the island due to the tense relations with Russia. The new system that is produced by Saab company will replace a previously used mobile air defense system.

"From a military-strategic point of view, Gotland is an important region," said the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, Micael Bydén.

According to him, the geographical location of the island gives a significant military advantage in terms of protection and control over the sea traffic, the airspace over the Baltic Sea and the possibility of placing military units and weapons.

Gotland island is located about 330 km from Kaliningrad, where the headquarters of the Baltic fleet of the Russian Navy is stationed. In recent years, NATO aircraft repeatedly accompanied Russian military aircraft over the Baltic sea in this region.

More dangerous situations also happened in the region when Russian aircraft flew near American ships. Sweden, which is not a member of NATO, has recently repeatedly spoken about the violation of its airspace by Russian military aircraft and other incidents in the Baltic region involving Russia.

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