US to sell to Romania HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems for $1.25 billion

The United States intends to supply High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) to Romania for a total of $1.25 billion, the US Department of Defense announced on Friday.

According to the US military, the new contract with Romania will "strengthen the foreign policy and national security of the United States," because it will help "strengthen the security of NATO allies, which was and still remains a factor for the political stability and economic progress in Europe." This deal "will support Romania's needs in the field of self-defense, as well as ... NATO goals," however it will not change the balance of power in the region, the Pentagon believes.

Romania will use the HIMARS MLRS to modernize its Armed Forces, strengthen its national defense, and contain "regional threats," the US Defense Department indicated. It also clarified that the implementation of the agreement will require sending approximately 10 technical experts from both the US government and private American contractors to Romania for about one year to assist in the deployment of the acquired military equipment and training of personnel.

Permission to implement the agreement, which, according to national legislation, has been obtained from the US State Department. The American administration has already notified Congress on August 17th regarding its decision to export the HIMARS MLRS to Romania. The legislative branch of the US government now has 30 days to review the new arms contract and possibly block it.

In July, the US announced plans to supply Romania with Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems worth $3.9 billion.

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