Major countries' troops present in Ukraine, says Poland’s Foreign Minister

Poland's Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski has stated that troops from "major countries" are already present in Ukraine. Speaking to the German news agency DPA, Sikorski echoed the words of Germany's Chancellor, saying, "As your Chancellor mentioned, there are indeed troops from major countries in Ukraine."

When asked whether it is problematic that the Chancellor is speaking on the matter, Sikorski replied, "In the Polish language, we have a term ‘tajemnica Poliszynela’ (an open secret), which describes a secret that everyone knows."

Additionally, Sikorski expressed the belief that providing Kyiv with German Taurus long-range missiles would significantly enhance Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

Sikorski noted that thanks to missiles from other countries, the Ukrainians have managed to force Russian forces to move their logistics bases further back from the frontline. "The German missiles will push them even further back," added Sikorski. Recognizing Germany's decision to be the leading arms supplier to Ukraine, the minister also criticized the prolonged process of decision-making, highlighting that time is critical for Ukraine.

On March 7, French newspaper L'Independant reported, citing the leader of the Communist Party of France, Fabien Roussel, that Emmanuel Macron is ready to send troops to Ukraine, should a breakthrough occur at the front towards Odesa or Kyiv.

Mykhailo Podoliak, an advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine, said he sees the discussion initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron regarding the potential future deployment of Western troops in Ukraine as evidence that Europe realizes the risks of war in the event of a victory by Russia.

On March 18, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that NATO troops are already in Ukraine monitoring weaponry, conducting intelligence operations, and providing training. Ukrainian military command has not commented on this claim.

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